Visual Art

With my visual art I aim to express human qualities that are in my opinion, important for our current society. In my coming Exhibition 'Visions of a New World' I will use my sculptures in stone and wood, together with music and light to give expression to the following themes: the freedom of women, the balance between masculine and feminine energy, the catastrophe of war, wisdom of the Native Americans and good leadership according to the ancient wisdom scriptures.

For more information you can visit my instagram page: 'Kunst.van.Gijs'

Research on the authorship question of William Shakespeare

During my Bachelor's studies in Performing Arts I had to study intensively the works of the English playwright William Shakespeare. Although I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of his works, I also stumbled upon some facts that made me curious about his background. Subsequently I conducted a research to understand the background of his plays. 

In the proces of my research I was confronted with more facts about Shakespeare's life that didn't seem to match the content of the plays. I asked myself the following question: "how is it possible that someone with a simple background, that lived until his 28th year in a small village, could write so accurately about the feelings of Dukes and Princes?". I will soon publish my research where I will propose an answer to this question and show that it actually could have been someone entirely different who has written the plays and sonnets, mostly from a direct life experience.



It is an ancient tradition to convey principles of wisdom and cultural values through the act of storytelling. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few things that is globally shared in all folk cultures. 


In a the storytelling night I will present a folk story combined with music from that specific culture. Afterwards there will be the possibility to have a dialogue and reflect upon the values and life lessons that we can extract from the story.


Dialogue sessions: ancient philosophy teachings of the world

It is my strong believe that we can use the wisdom of ancient cultures to navigate through the challenges of our current society. In ancient times people encountered similar catastrophes with war, epidemics and social suppression. 

In many cases, writers from the ancient world wrote from a direct experience in life. In Rome it were Cicero, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius who emphasized the importance of living a moderate life. In ancient China we have the texts of Lao Zu, emperor Huangdi and the chronicles of the Shangshu that speek of a life in balance according to principles from nature. 

The Upanishads from ancient India and the teachings of the Corpus Hermeticum from ancient Egypt show us similar wisdom teachings where the importance is stressed on living life free from greed and mental illusions.

In my dialogue sessions I will discuss specific text fragments of these ancient literary sources and reflect on their relevance in our modern society. Hopefully, people will be open to investigate their own believes and see how they resonate with the ancient wisdom principles.